Driver Required For Picking Staff From Office

1. Transporting staff members to the designation point and pickup on time as per the schedule

2. Checking cleaning equipment’s daily

3. Assisting staff member with loading and unloading of cleaning materials

Driver Job Required For Picking Staff PickingFrom Office

4. Checking the stock of cleaning materials and request office admin if stocks are low

5. Using GPS tools and Google maps to optimize the route before starting the pickups and drops

6. Opting to a shorter or alternate route in case of traffic or congestion

7. Switch off the vehicle and save petrol when van is not in use

8. Regularly washing and cleaning the vehicle and conducting timely vehicle maintenance checks

9. Ensuring the safety of staff members during the journey

10. Maintaining records of the bills and receipts and send daily reports.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: AED2,750.00 – AED3,250.00 per month

Application Question(s):

Which cleaning company did you work in Dubai?

Cleaning Company in Dubai: 2 years (Required)

English (Required)


Delivers goods to customers’ commercial establishments.
– Delivers goods to customers and participates in loading and unloading activities.
– Driver and placer work together.
– Prepares requests in the warehouse.

Job Requirements:
– Vehicle driving license (for drivers).
– Readiness for physical work.
– Ability to work in a team.
– Correctness and responsibility.
– Previous experience in delivery and delivery (as a driver, supplier, placer, courier, distributor) is an advantage.




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